Small TFT, LCD Display Manufacturer and Supplier

Focus on Small Display

Go2Display is focusing on small flat panel displays (FPD), including:

  • monochrome passive-matrix LCD
  • active-matrix color TFT display
  • LCD module
  • OLED display
  • active-matrix OLED (AMOLED)
  • E-ink display
  • resistive/capacitive touchscreen
  • custom display solution


Standard Displays for Fast Product Development

Thousands of standard displays are ready to ship in our warehouses to support fast product development and preproduction without MOQ. 

They include TN, STN LCD panels, COB, COG character LCD display, graphic LCD display, PMOLED, AMOLED display, TFT display, IPS display, E-ink display, high brightness sunlight readable display, HMI display, MIPI display, Raspberry Pi Display module, Arduino display module, embedded display, resistive touchscreens, capacitive touchscreens, LED-backlit displays, etc. You do place an order by contacting us to avoid time delays.

OEM Display Solutions for Special Requirments

Sometimes, our clients require customized OEM display solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we leverage our knowledge of available display solutions to meet their needs and assist them from project concept to mass production.

Using your ideas and requirements as a starting point, we work with you to develop ideas and concepts into drawings, create prototypes, and seamlessly build a final production. We can provide the fastest turnaround time to meet the changing world’s demands.

It takes only 3-4 weeks to produce LCD panel samples and 4-6 weeks for samples of LCD modules, TFT displays, IPS LCD displays, OLED displays, E-ink displays, and touch screens. Production time is just 4-5 weeks for LCD panels and 5-8 weeks for LCD modules, TFT displays, IPS LCD displays, OLED displays, E-ink displays, and touch screens.

Values we live by


Collaboration with our partners

We are willing to work together with our clients to achieve shared goals.


Passion for results

We have a strong enthusiasm for obtaining the best possible outcomes and delivering success.


Constantly improving

We are always seeking ways to elevate performance through continuous learning and development. Always striving for better results.

Our team of experts

With over 10 years of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Client Support

You are the most important part of my business. Our staffs are all worldwide enthusiastic and friendly. So, you will receive a reply within 24 hours, and get my lowest price guarantee.

Research & Development Team

The continued R&D investment brings us the latest and most advanced technology. Therefore, we can efficiently produce mass, high-quality products. Meanwhile, the lower fixed costs in China allow us to offer the best display solutions at affordable prices.

our clients trust us

Go2Display Clients three

Steven White

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you, Jacky. You are such an honest guy and help me a lot. You do really be familiar with your displays, and even gave me some useful advice about how to sell our products online. Really appreciate your job.”
go2display clients

Amanda Leslie

“After a pleasant communication with Jack, we placed a small order for 500 pics of 7” TFT displays with touchscreen add-ons for our car stereo products. Now it performs well in color and experience of the touchscreen.”
go2display clients

Jason Fox

“I really appreciate all you do for us about our application display resolution, and will reach out time to time for more special product development questions. That can inspire me.”


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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