TFT-IPS Displays

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TFT IPS displays are advanced full-color TFT LCDs. With IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, they have better color reproduction and wider viewing angles than other color LCDs.

Our TFT IPS screens have the following features:


Use IPS panels
IPS panel technology provides accurate colors, great contrast, and bright screens with 178 degrees viewing angle. No matter where you stand, you can still see the true colors.

You can learn about IPS panel technology and how it work at our knowledge center.

Offer HD and Higher Resolution
Options include normal, HD, and Full HD for sharp details and clear images. That is ideal for CAD, design, coding, or video editing monitors.

Offer a Strong, Long-lasting Design
TFT IPS panels can last long while meeting the standards for shock and vibration in commercial/industrial use.

Easy to Read
IPS displays can help reduce eye strain. You can use them in places like trading floors, control rooms, medical facilities, and classrooms where people spend much time looking at screens.

Right Brightness
They are all LED-backlit LCDs that can provide richer colors and better contrast. So, users can see clearer and more vivid images with more color and details.

Support Various Interfaces
It has SPI, MIPI, LVDS, HDMI, and DisplayPort interfaces for multimedia I/O needs. Multiple interfaces ensure it is easy to use and program in any project.

Offer Touchscreen Options
At a custom service, some options provide a Projected Capacitive touchscreen for a gesture-based screen. That is useful for collaboration software, process control, digital signage, and point-of-sale (POS) devices.

Meanwhile, resistive touch screen is also available.


As an end-to-end TFT IPS supplier, Go2Display offers both standard and custom TFT IPS displays for any size, resolution, bezel, or shape need. In high-volume, TFT IPS LCD modules are very cheap wholesale.

Want vibrant commercial LCD screens? Talk to us about the best TFT IPS solutions for your space and goals.

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