7.0-inch TFT Color Display-Cluster 1280×800 Touchscreen for Car Instrument

Brightness and Contrast: This 7-inch TFT color display has a high brightness (1000 Nits) and contrast ratio (1000:1). We can easily read the information in bright sunlight or dark nighttime.

Wide Viewing Angle: It offers a wide viewing angle for all. So drivers and passengers can see clear images from any angle.

Detailed Information: This TFT display cluster has a high resolution of 1280×800 and full-color production. So it can convey detailed information like speed, fuel level, and other key metrics.

Fast refresh rates: It can display information quickly and accurately due to its fast refresh rates. So, we can see real-time information on the car instrument.

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This 7-inch TFT Color Display is an LED-backlit LCD Module with IPS panel / Active-Matrix TFTs / Resolution of 1280×800 / Contrast up to 1000:1 / Optional Touchscreen / MIPI Interface / ILI9881 Driver / FPC connector.

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Technical Details

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Product Datasheet: GFC1280800-7.0INTM
Driver Datasheet: ILI9881


Model / Series Name GFC1280800-7.0INTM
Diagonal Dimension (Inches) 7.0
Dots WxH 1280 x 800
Module Size WxHxD (mm) 180.00 x 119.78 x 4.46
LCD Active Area WxH (mm) 150.72 x 94.20
Display Mode IPS / Transmissive
Viewing Angle All
IC ILI9881
Interface Type MIPI (RGB/LVDS Customizable)
Logic Power Supply Voltage 3.0V to 3.6V
Backlight 3 Serial 6 Parallel LEDs
Luminance Up to 1000 cd/m2
Touch Panel Optional RTP or CTP


More for this 7-inch Color  TFT Display-Cluster

This 7-inch TFT display-cluster consists of a 7” IPS display screen with a-Si TFTs, an ILI9881 IC driver, MIPI interface, an FPC cable connector, and 3 Serial 6 Parallel LEDs as backlight.

TFT display is type of active-matrix LCD. It controls the flow of electricity through a matrix of thin-film transistors (TFT) arranged in rows and columns. Therefore, they can control each pixel individually to create high-quality full-color images.

TFT color display-cluster car instruments can give us many benefits. They improve drivers’ safety and comfort, provide better graphics and visual feedback. Drivers can control more precisely with a great custom solution. We can also use them in automotive navigation systems, multimedia systems, and car dashboards.


Display Effect

High resolution (1280×800): Drivers can see detailed information on this automotive display.

Brightness (1000 Nits) and Contrast Ratio (1000:1): Drivers can easily see this display in bright sunlight and any challenging lighting conditions.

It can display a wide range of colors accurately. This is important to convey information like speed, fuel level, and other key metrics.

This TFT color display offers a wide viewing angle (All Directions). Drivers and passengers can easily see the information from different angles.

Its fast refresh rates can display information quickly and accurately. This makes them ideal for use in automotive displays that update information in real-time.


Other Benefits

Its standard 7 inch display screen can provide ample space for graphics and user interfaces.

With an optional cpacitive touchscreen, our display supports multi-touch, up to 10 points, when working with Windows 10/8.1/8 OS, making it ideal for applications that require precise user input.

Overall, the benefits of TFT color displays make them an ideal choice for automotive applications. They are suitable for everything from instrument clusters and infotainment systems to rear-seat entertainment displays and driver assistance systems.


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