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MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) DSI (Display Serial Interface) is a high-speed serial interface protocol. A display module uses it to connect a processor or microcontroller. We usually find it in small LCDs, OLEDs, and E-ink displays.

There are several benefits of these LCDs with MIPI DSI interface:

  • High Speed: MIPI interface supports high data transfer rates compared to the RGB interface. Thus, we can have a better user experience with a high-resolution MIPI display. Users can have smoother video playback, gaming, and overall screen performance.
  • Consume Low Power: It is an industry-standard designed for Mobile devices. Therefore, it consumes low power. That is good for portable and handheld applications.
  • Easy to Use: This interface is widely used in smartphones, tablets, automotive displays, and industrial equipments. So you can easily use these MIPI interface displays in these products.
  • Reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI): It uses differential signaling to reduce EMI and provide reliable signal transmission.
  • Reduce Cost: MIPI interface requires fewer pins than RGB interface. Then, it can reduce the cost of the connector and the overall design. Meanwhile, that also allows for a thinner and lighter display module.

Go2Display is a factory in China, producing a wide range of MIPI displays with various resolutions and sizes. If you find none suitable for your requirement, just contact us for a custom MIPI LCD solution.

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