Mono OLED Display Modules

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Mono OLED display modules are ready-made components. They contain the OLED panel and IC to power and control the display.

They provide some standard interfaces, like SPI and I2C. So, you can quickly integrate them into your devices.


They only emit a single color, typically blue, green, or white. This is why they are cheaper and use less power than AMOLED modules.

Mono OLED display modules feature high contrast, wide viewing angles, and efficiency. So, they are a good choice for applications that only need to display simple information.

The selection depends on their sizes and specs, as well as how well they fit the needs and cost of the products.

Go2Display offers a wide range of sizes from 0.48 to 5.5 inches. You can select the best one for your application requirement.

Examples of devices that might use mono OLED display modules include:

  • Low-end Smartwatches
  • Fitness trackers
  • Calculators and watches
  • Industrial equipment dashboard.

Pretty much any device needing a simple, high-contrast display could potentially use them if the size and specs meet its needs.

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