Sunlight Readable Color Displays

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Sunlight readable displays, also known as high brightness displays, are the best choice for outdoor applications. We can see clear information on the screen even in bright sunlight or other high ambient light environments.

Besides good readability, they also have some benefits below:

  • Visibility: These displays typically use high brightness backlight, anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings to reduce reflections and improve contrast.
  • Readability: Improved visibility comes with better readability. Users can see and read text, graphics, and other information easily. That is important for outdoor devices providing critical information.
  • Durability: The factory will bond the touch screen and LCD screen with optical grade glue. Without the air gap between two screens, many sunlight readable LCD displays are more durable than traditional displays. Thus, they have longer lifespans and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reducing Eye Strain: They can also reduce eye strain. We do not need to strain our eyes to read text or view images in bright sunlight.

In Go2Display, you can find various full color high-bright LCDs for your requirements, such as high brightness monitors, outdoor products, and more. If you find none suitable for your needs, just feel free to contact us for a custom LCD solution.

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