4.21 Inch Round LCD Display

Round: This shape is good for home security systems, smart mirrors, smart buttons, and other special uses.

Sunlight Readable: Thanks to its brightness of 1000 nits, users can still see the clear screen outdoors. Of course, you can make a custom solution for brightness for other uses.

High Color Performance: It has a high resolution, wide viewing angles, and IPS panel technology. Your product can provide an excellent user experience.

Wholesale Price: As a TFT LCD manufacturer, Go2Display can offer you a factory price.

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  • Accept Custom Display Solution
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This 4.21 inch Round LCD display is a TFT display Module with IPS panel  / 700×700 Resolution / Contrast ratio of 800:1 / Optional Touchscreen / RGB Interface / ST1633I Controller / COG Package.

The high quality, low price product is always our long-term goal.


Technical Details

Download Product References Below
Product Datasheet: GFC700700-4.21INTM
Driver Datasheet: ST1633I


Model / Series Name GFC700700-4.21INTM
Diagonal Dimension (Inches) 4.21 (4.2)
Dots WxH 700 x 700
Module Size WxHxD (mm) 132.50 x 132.50 x 9.30
LCD Active Area WxHxD (mm) 105.84 x 105.84
Display Mode IPS, Transmissive, Normal white
Viewing Angle All
Contrast Ratio 800:1
IC ST1633I from Sitronix
Interface Type 24-bit parallel RGB Interface
Logic Power Supply Voltage 2.8V to 3.6V
Backlight White LEDs
Luminance 1000 cd/m2
Touch Panel None or Optional CTP (Capacitive Touch Panel)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 85 °C


Details of this 4.21 Inch Round LCD Display

This round LCD display has a 4.21-inch screen with a 700×700 resolution.

As an IPS LCD, it features wide viewing angles and a good contrast ratio of 800:1. Plus, it is a sunlight-readable display with 1000 cd/m2 brightness.

White LEDs as the backlight source give it such a bright light.

The display uses a ST1633I driver IC supporting a parallel RGB interface. So, engineers can easily connect it to a range of host processors and systems.

An extended operating temperature makes it work well in different conditions.


  • round shape,
  • clear image reproduction,
  • wide viewing angles,
  • and extended operating temperature

make it good for automotive, marine, industrial, and medical devices.

Some applications, like home security systems and smart mirrors, will also love this display.


Your Requirement?

If none of its parameters fit the needs of your project, we can still make a custom TFT display solution for your unique product.

Just contact us ([email protected]) to talk about your project, and we’ll help you figure out what your options are.

Additional information

Display Type





Parallel, MCU, SPI, RGB

Touch Screen