Round TFT LCD Displays

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Round TFT LCD displays are specially shaped LCD modules. These circular screens show bright colors, graphics, photos, and videos like other TFT displays.

We design them for uses like round smartwatches, smart mirrors and more.

  • Smartwatches: Round smartwatches are beautiful and useful for people who want to use the latest technology in a traditional watches shape.
  • Smart Mirrors: Round smart mirrors bring new technology to the bedroom for a refreshing user experience.
  • The Niche Needs: Custom shapes match any space from amusement parks to aquariums, museums, yoga spots, golf sims, or other unique venues.

As TFT LCDs, these round screens have high contrast, color, brightness, and wide viewing angles. But their shape makes designers think differently about things like:

  • the screen size,
  • the frame’s style,
  • how to mount it,
  • and its safety.

We have tons of experience producing round display solutions for any spec or limit.

Depending on your requirements and space, sizes are 1 to 7 inches or larger. Customizations include custom sizes, aspect ratios, frames, touchscreens, 3D sensing, and more.

Contact us if you want a unique style that makes your product stand out. We’d love to customize a rounded TFT LCD just for you.

Please let us know if you can not know these displays clearly in this simple description.

If you want to know more or have a better idea, I can give you more examples or details about the pros, cons, specs, tutorials, or other resources for round TFT LCDs.

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