ST1633I is a display driver IC from Sitronix. Sitronix is a Chinese semiconductor company (in Taiwan) that designs and manufactures display driver ICs, touch panel controllers, and power management ICs.

Advantages of ST1633I

ST1633I has some key advantages you should know before using it:

  1. It supports displays up to a 720×720 resolution, like a 4.2 inch round LCD. That is a good choice for small displays.
  2. It can interface with MCUs using 8-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit parallel, SPI, or I2C interfaces. Therefore, it works well with a range of host processors and systems.
  3. It offers programmable gamma correction, contrast, and brightness to optimize the display quality.
  4. It has features like dithering, frame rate control, and partial display control. Therefore, it improves the display’s performance, cuts down on electromagnetic interference (EMI), and saves power.
  5. It is designed for transmissive and reflective LCD displays, as well as bi-stable displays like EPDs. So it can drive a variety of flat panel display technologies.
  6. It comes in a small QFP-48 package measuring 7 mm x 7 mm. This makes it small and good for applications with limited space.
  7. It can operate over a -40 to 85°C temperature range with 3.3V or 5V power.

Overall, it seems like the ST1633I is a display driver IC that is both flexible and efficient.

Uses of ST1633I

Here are some applications for the ST1633I driver IC:

LCD displays

The ST1633I can drive transmissive or reflective LCD displays with a resolution of up to 720×720. It can be programmed to improve the images quality.

Meanwhile, it can connect to a variety of host processors through many interfaces.

E-paper displays

The ST1633I can also drive an e-ink display. Thus, you may find them in e-readers and other e-paper screen devices.

Its display enhancement features may help maximize the performance of e-paper displays.

Industrial devices

You may also find ST1633I in industrial equipment with a display. It work well in a wide range of temperatures and has a number of interfaces.

Plus, its features make it strong and flexible for industrial use cases.

Consumer products

The ST1633I is also useful for some consumer products like mobile phones, tablets, or other portable devices with a screen about 720p.

Its small size and ability to make the display better could be useful here.


It could be useful for making prototypes or proof-of-concept projects because it has a variety of interfaces and can work with different types of displays.

It is easy to connect it to controllers or microprocessors during prototyping.


So, in general, the ST1633I could fit anywhere where needs a strong, medium-resolution display.

Especially, optimizing display quality is important or multiple display types/interfaces are needed.

But the specific applications it is suitable for would depend on technical and business factors.