ST7789V is a display driver IC (integrated circuit) designed for mini to small-sized TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. It comes from Sitronix Technology, a semiconductor company based in Taiwan, China.

This article has information about this display driver IC, including:

ST7789V Features

262K color with RAM:

This IC supports up to 262,144 colors and has built-in RAM memory for storing display data.

240×320 RGB Resolution:

It can handle up to 240 pixels horizontally and 320 pixels vertically.

VDDI 1.65-3.3V:

ST7789V needs 1.65-3.3V power for its logic and memory.

VDD 2.4-3.3V:

It requires 2.4-3.3V power for outputs and connecting the display panel. VDDI and VDD share the same power supply source.

Interfaces Support:

It supports a wide range of interfaces, including:

  • 8080 type I 8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit Parallel Interface
  • 8080 type II 8-bit, 9-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit Parallel Interface
  • 3-Line Serial RGB Interface (12-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit)
  • 4-Line Serial RGB Interface (12-bit, 16-bit, or 18-bit)

COG Package:

COG (Chip-On-Glass) means the ST7789V uses this packaging technology where the chip is mounted directly on the cover glass.

This helps to make the display module smaller and takes up less space.

Advantages of ST7789V IC

The main benefits of the ST7789V display driver IC are:

  1. High-quality color: The ST7789V provides up to 262,144 colors and a resolution of 320×320 pixels. So, mini to small-sized color screens use it.
  2. Saves battery power: The ST7789V has a low-power mode that uses less power when the display is off. This is important for smartwatches, portable gaming devices, and other gadgets that run on batteries.
  3. Easy to integrate: The ST7789V connects using 4-wire SPI, a simple interface standard. So, engineers can easily add it to microcontrollers or processors in their projects.
  4. Cost-effective: The ST7789V is a cheap way to make small color screens. That keeps the price of electronic products down.

What kinds of applications does it work for?

Companies often use the ST7789V in mini TFT displays to provide great color screens in products like:


It’s a great way to add graphics and color screens to smartwatches. Square smartwatches will like these square screens: 1.3″ IPS display and 1.54″ TFT LCD.

Portable gaming console:

The ST7789V is ideal for portable or pocket-sized gaming devices needing a high-quality color display.

Handheld devices:

Electronic dictionaries, portable media players, and GPS devices will be able to use it.

Other small electronics:

Anything else needing a color LCD screen in a small space likely uses this display driver IC for smooth and attractive graphics.

Industrial machines use it in control panels, monitoring systems, and measurement instruments.

Also, automotive applications use it in in-dash displays and rear-view cameras.

These devices likely use full-color screens in sizes: 2-inch and 2.4-inch.


In summary, ST7789V is a display driver IC from Sitronix Technology that enables mini-small size TFT LCD color screens with 262K colors and 320×240 resolution. It has good features and advantages.

Applications like smartwatches, portables, handhelds, and other electronics will like these colorful mini screens.

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