1.54 inch E-Ink Display, 200×200, SPI Interface

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This 1.54” E-Ink display features the following:

  • Extremely Low Power Consumption,
  • Long Lifespans of more than 10 years,
  • High Contrast because of Reflective Mode,
  • 3 Colors Display,
  • Resolution (200 x 200), 100 PPI
  • Angle-free Viewing Experience.

Custom E-Ink Solution: We offer custom E-Ink display solutions based on your size, shape, interface, IC, FPC cable shape, etc.

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This 1.54-inch E-Ink Display is a 3 colors display module with Resolution (200×200) / SPI Interface / SSD1681 Driver IC / FPC Cable connector / COG Package.

The high quality, low price product is always our long-term goal.


Technical Details

Download Product References Below
Product Datasheet: GFE200200-1.54CNR
Driver Datasheet: SSD1681


Model / Series Name GFE200200-1.54CNR
Diagonal Dimension (Inches) 1.54
Resolution 200×200 Pixels, 100 PPI
Module Size WxHxD (mm) 31.80 x 37.32 x 0.98
Screen Viewing Area WxH (mm) 28.40x 32.37
Active Area WxH (mm) 27.512 x 27.512
Dot Size (mm) 0.50 x 0.50
Display Color 3 Colors: Black, White, Red
Viewing Angle All Free
Display Mode E-ink Reflective Mode
IC SSD1681
Interface Type SPI Interface
Touch Panel no
Power Supply Voltage 3.3V
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 80 °C

Drawings and Pinouts Datasheet


1.54 inch E-Ink Display, 200×200, SPI Interface drawing

1.54 inch E-Ink Display, 200×200, SPI Interface datasheet

Details about this 1.54 inch E-Ink Display

This 1.54-inch e-ink display is a mini three colors (black, white, and red) screen perfect for low-power and readable applications.

Thanks to the e-ink technology, its screen is easy to read with high contrast, just like reading on paper, so it doesn’t strain your eyes. It can provide deep blacks and bright reflective white.

That is why it has such a high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle. So we can see content clearly, even in bright lighting or outside. And read the display easily from any direction.

Furthermore, it has a high resolution (200*200) for showing detailed text and images.

E-ink display look like paper


E-ink is a bistable display technology. So, this display can hold images without power. That is why it can always be on and use little power to control and refresh content.

Then the battery can last an extremely long time. Meanwhile, some pixels can last more than 10 years, giving them quality and value.


With an SPI interface, a 3.3V logic power requirement, and an operating temperature from -20 to 70°C, this 1.54-inch e-ink display is ideal for embedded projects.

It is easy to read, flexible, cheap, and long-lasting. That makes it the best screen choice for e-readers, instruments, cards, signages, etc.

In short, the 1.54-inch e-ink display has many great features, making it a great choice for innovative and environmentally friendly display solutions.

E-ink display uses and applications


Custom E-Ink Display

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Additional information

Display Type


Diagonal Size (Inch)

5.5 inch





Touch Screen

Optional CTP or RTP