16×4 LCD Display Price Under $4, Character LCD Module 16 Pins

Low Price: Our China factories can produce 16×4 LCD displays in large quantities at a price under $4.

Consume Low Power: They also consume less power than simple LED displays. That is important for portable devices.

Easy to Use: Their parallel interface allows for easy connection to microcontrollers in Arduino or Raspberry Pi based projects. And they are also available in SPI or I2C interfaces with another IC.

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This 16×4 LCD display is a character LCD Module with FSTN/STN display type / 16×4 Characters  / 6800 4-bit or 8-bit mode Parallel Interface / KS0066 or Equivalents Microcontroller IC / PCB.

The high quality, low price product is always our long-term goal.


Technical Details

Download Product References Below
Product Datasheet: GFC1604NT
Control IC Datasheet: KS0066 or Equivalents


Model / Series Name GFC1604NT
Display Format 16×4 Characters
Module Size WxHxD (mm) 87.00 x 60.00 x 13.00
LCD Active Area WxH (mm) 62.00 x 27.00
Character Size (mm) 2.99 x 4.82
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.55 x 0.55
Control IC KS0066 or Equivalents:AIP31066 , HD44780, SPLC780 , ST7066
IC Package Type COB
Interface Type 6800 4-bit Parallel , 6800 8-bit Parallel
Viewing Direction 6:00
Display Type Positive or Negative
Logic Power Supply Voltage 5V
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70ºC
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80ºC


More Details

This character LCD module is a passive matrix LCD available in FSTN or STN panels. With 4 rows of 16 characters, this LCD model offers more space to display important information clearly and concisely. It is better than a 16×2 characters LCD.


These LCD modules are available in parallel 4-bit or 8-bit modes. Then, engineers can quickly get the datasheet and sample code. So they can use them in any Arduino or Raspberry Pi project.

The KS0066 or an equivalent IC provides stable and reliable performance.

Their compact and durable COB design is ideal for space-limited applications.

They offer multiple LED backlight color options (Blue/Green/Yellow-Green/Grey/Red/White) with optional positive or negative displays. That will match different design needs.

These character displays also have a wide operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C. You can use a power supply of 3.3V or 5V.


Uses and Applications

This 16×4 LCD display can show numbers and simple text. So you can use them in various industrial, medical, and consumer electronics products.

  • Electronic devices, like calculators and digital clocks, use it to show information.
  • With it, industrial control panels can display critical information about the operation of machinery or processes.
  • Medical devices use this character LCD to display vital signs, test results, or medication instructions.
  • Some low-end portable music players use it as their display part.

Overall, character LCDs are a cost-effective and reliable solution for displaying simple information in many applications.


Your Requirement?

This is just one of our popular character LCD Modules; In Go2Display, you can find more color displays like TFT displays and OLED displays.

If none of these part numbers meet your requirements in any term, contact us([email protected]), who are willing to work with you.

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