20×4 Character LCD Display Module with I2C Interface

Easy to Use: Its built-in controller can be easily connected to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi board using the standard I2C Interface. We also provide a well-documented datasheet, pinout library, and sample codes.

Affordable Price: As an LCD manufacturer, Go2Display supplies 20×2 character LCD displays at factory price.

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This 20×4 Character LCD display is an LCD Module with FSTN/STN panel / 20×4 Characters Screen / I2C Interface / RW1063 Controller IC / COB.

The high quality, low price product is always our long-term goal.


Technical Details

Download Product References Below
Product Datasheet: GFC2004NT
Control IC Datasheet: RW1063


Model / Series Name GFC2004NT
Display Format 20×4 Characters
Module Size WxHxD (mm) 146.00 x 62.50 x 9.20
LCD Active Area WxH (mm) 118.84 x 38.47
Character Size (mm) 4.84 x 9.22
Control IC RW1063
IC Package Type COB
Interface Type I2C, Parallel, SPI
LED Backlight Color Blue / Yellow-Green / Grey
Viewing Direction 6:00
Display Type Positive or Negative
Logic Power Supply Voltage 3.3V/5V
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70ºC
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80ºC


20×4 Character LCD Display Datasheet

20x4 Character LCD Display Module with I2C Interface datasheet

20×4 LCD Display Pinout Tutorial

20x4 Character LCD Display Module with I2C Interface pinout tutorial


Your Requirement?

This 20×4 character LCD Display Module is suitable for projects that require many characters.

If you want a smaller one, the 16×2 character LCD is a great option, with its 16 columns and 2 rows of screen space.

Or you can find some full color TFT displays for a complex project or application.

We always await your contact, whether you’re looking for a standard display or a custom solution。([email protected])


More Details

This 20×4 Character LCD display module consists of a 20×4 LCD screen with FSTN/STN panel, a built-in IC controller, I2C interface, PCB.


This character LCD Display Module can show 20 Columns and 4 Rows. That allows you to display up to 80 characters at once on the screen. Additionally, It features a low price and ease of use. Therefore, it is a popular choice for hobbyists and professionals.

Whether it’s letters, numbers, or custom characters, this display can handle them all, like English/Japanese, English/West European, English/Scandinavian European, or English/Cyrillic (Russian).

With its customizable backlight option, you can have one in a special backlight color, like green, blue or, grey. However, they have the same technical specifications and circuits. You can use the same code in your project with a custom backlight.


Its built-in controller can be easily connected to your Arduino board using a standard I2C Interface.

The COB (Chip On Board) design contains all components onto a single board. That is suitable for the limited-space application.

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Parallel, MCU, SPI, RGB

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